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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

What is VITA?

Free, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance— the program helps individuals and families, with annual incomes up to $56,000, get ahead financially, pay down debt and work toward saving for the future. At VITA sites, IRS-trained and certified volunteers work one-on-one with filers to prepare and electronically file state and federal income tax forms at no charge and determine qualifications for tax credits and refunds. Volunteer opportunities begin January 2020!

You can help by:
  • Preparing and filing income tax returns with filers; or
  • Greeting filers, managing appointment schedules; and
  • Helping filers learn about ways to save and stretch their refunds; or
  • Translating languages for volunteers and filers
What you need:
  • Experience using computers
  • Time to volunteer Mid-January through Mid-April 2019
  • Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills

What’s in it for you?

VITA is a meaningful, unique experience for the volunteers and filers. As a volunteer, you’ll:

  • Learn valuable, lifelong skills that can be used personally or professionally.
  • Obtain an IRS certification to build your resume
  • Make a difference in the community where you live. Each tax return completed by a volunteer could raise a family’s earned income by an average of $1,850.

To volunteer, please contact:

Jackson County Civic Action Committee
228-769-3292 or
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